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AutoCovered (Affordable Insurance)

Affordable Vehicle Physical Damage Insurance

When leasing or financing the purchase of any vehicle, lenders require both liability insurance and physical damage insurance. Many times, people have difficulty finding affordable insurance options, but AutoStart can help you do just that.

With our AutoCovered Collateral Protection Program, you simply get liability insurance from your normal agent, and we will provide physical damage insurance for a low monthly fee.

With this program you will:

        1. Pay a minimal upfront enrollment fee.  Many insurance companies charge hundreds of dollars upfront.
        2. Pay a little at a time on the same schedule as your regular car payment.
        3. Get enrolled in 5 minutes or less.

AutoCovered Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the only coverage I must provide?

No, you are still required to carry the state minimum liability insurance.

What if I have a poor driving record or a DUI?

You are still eligible for this program.

Does my driving record affect the cost of my coverage?

No, this program was designed for both good and poor driving records.

Will this fix my car if I have a wreck?

Yes, if the creditor agrees to submit the claim on its collateral protection program. A deductible may apply.

If I have a problem with the engine will this repair it?

No, this is for physical damage coverage only. This is NOT mechanical failure coverage or a service contract.

How is a claim made?

It's very simple; just call your AutoStart dealer.

What if I want to cancel?

You simply notify your AutoStart dealer and they will cancel your enrollment in the program. On your next payment you will be required to show proof of physical damage insurance.